I know how to listen to a wide range of voices and find harmony. Literally, as I’ve spent years as a choir teacher for Chippewa Valley Schools, and figuratively, as I have listened to and weighed the concerns of school administration, school staff, parents, students, and the school board. I knew that even if we didn’t always agree, we all had the common goal of meeting the emotional and learning needs of our students and serving our community. I understand what it means to be creative and accommodating to help each and every student succeed and to be an advocate for my community. I will take that same approach as a State Representative.

The residents of House District 24 also share common goals. We all want safe communities, quality schools, the ability to care for ourselves and our families, and a clean and protected environment. I am running for House District 24 because you deserve someone who works for you, who cares about you, and who communicates with you. That someone is me.

About Michelle

I learned what it means to serve others from my mother and my church. My mother was a teacher and the president of her union. Our telephone was constantly ringing with teachers calling with their concerns and seeking her advice on things like maternity leaves and bereavement days. She always made time for them and their names became commonplace in our house, like members of our family. At church I became the Vice President of our parish council when I was only 16. I was entrusted to run council meetings before I could even drive myself to the church.

Both of these experiences led me to pursue a teaching career and become active in my union. Teaching middle school choir in Chippewa Valley has always been my dream job. The idea of giving it up is the hardest thing about running for office, but my students, their families, and the teachers that teach and live in Chippewa Valley deserve a representative who represents their interests, who is involved in the schools, who comes to events and delivers awards, and is a visible presence in the community even during this time of mostly virtual interaction.