Schools are an integral part of a community and teachers get a good look at what issues are facing that community. As an educator, I’ve seen students who don’t get enough to eat at home, families who cannot afford to take their children to the doctor, and parents who can’t stay home from work when they are sick. All of these issues are made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need more educators in Lansing who will prioritize the needs of students, families, the public school system, and its employees. Investing in a robust, supportive, and equitable system will remove barriers for students and give them a strong start in society. Quality public schools also raise property values for everyone because people want to live where their children will get a good education.


You should know what your State Representative is doing and it should not be difficult to  acquire this information. Transparency is crucial if there is to be any trust in those holding public office. You should also be able to easily access your representative to air concerns, express opinions, and give suggestions. I promise to be accountable to my constituents and be a visible and active part of the communities I serve.





Our rivers, waterways, and Lake St. Clair are a defining part of this area’s identity, making House District 24 a beautiful and desirable place to live and we must protect our environment if we want to keep enjoying these benefits. From record-high water levels in Lake St. Clair causing erosion and property damage to the Clinton Township waste site emitting methane gas threatening an adjacent elementary school, we need leadership that takes these problems seriously and will work to protect property values and public health.


With sewer overflows polluting Lake St. Clair, we need a serious response to infrastructure in this district. We must update and repair our roads, bridges, stormwater systems, and seawalls in order to keep House District 24 a desirable place to own a home and operate a business. We need to invest in our communities right away as continuing to wait will only make these issues more difficult and more expensive to tackle.